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custom boy scout patches

Scouting has greatly impacted everyone’s life over the past 100+ years. What is a Scout Patch? Scout patches are badges that members of various scouting groups, such as Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, normally wear on their uniforms to represent achievements.

Custom Boy Scout patches are made for boys to bring troop members together and singly order them instead of one by one. The amazing thing is that we offer you the best and highest-quality patches for you in the whole market. 

What are Custom Boy Scout patches?

When we talk about Custom Boy Scout patches, these are an amazing way for boys to bring a troop together and celebrate achievements. They’ll help you identify your troop members, mark completed activities, and reward those members who follow scouting’s key principles. 

This amazing way is modeled by BSA (Boy Scouts of America) after The Boy Scouts of Association. Custom Boy Scout patches come in various types, like embroidered and iron-on patches and those that celebrate achievements and special events. Scouts earn badges only on a merit basis through learning and training in different fields like science, sports, and business.

Types of Custom Cub Scout Patches

Let us discuss and explain more types of Boy Scout Patches;

Custom PVC patches

PVC ab patch

Custom PVC patches are versatile and often used for different purposes, such as in the military. They are highly resistant to different weather elements like rain, sunlight, etc. Make sure PVC patches are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes depending on customer requirements.  

Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are often used for their classic, high-quality appearance. They can easily be made with different thread colors to make them more attractive. 

Custom Chenille patches

chenille alphabet

Custom chenille patches are normally known for their plush, textured surface, which makes them very popular among academic and sports troop members. To make it long-lasting use, you must be very careful while washing. 

Iron-on Patches


Iron-on Patches are very user-friendly for younger scouts or those who want a quick application, and it’s very easy to remove iron-on patches from your uniform. Mostly, they come with a heat-activated adhesive on the back that helps to stick on cloth with just an iron. So, no sewing is required to attach it to your dress, and it is easy to apply. 

Custom Leather Patches

leather patch bomb

Custom Leather Patches are a unique and stylish way to represent a brand’s variety of items. If you want to enhance clothing, accessories, or promotional items, leather patches can add a brand touch that makes them different. High-quality leather is used to give it a more attractive look. 

Custom Printed Patches

camping printed patches

If you want to launch your product like a bag, shoes, or other accessories, make sure custom printed patches are the best option. It’ll help you design your logo and monogram for your products. These patches are highly demanding in bulk in the market.

If you’ve any product, then order us for high-quality custom Printed Patches

Custom Bullion Patches

bullion star crown patch

Custom Bullion Patches are high-standard patches made with metallic threads like silver, gold, etc. Normally, they’re used in military uniforms, club blazers, and formal garments for special achievements. Their luxurious appearance is designed with different beads and sequins to make them a distinguished choice. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Custom Boy Scout patches allow troop members to represent their achievements and celebrate specific events or milestones.

Cons: Customizing Boy Scout patches can be more expensive than purchasing standard patches, potentially increasing the overall costs for the troop.

What do we offer?

Finding the best custom Boy Scouts patches is an essential element for every troop. Don’t worry about that! Here, we offer the best patches for you:

Beautiful and Affordable

We offer beautiful custom Boy Scout patches at very affordable prices for BSA. Our responsibility is to make something more attractive and high-quality for our customers. Our priority is customer satisfaction, so we provide them at very affordable prices. 

Best Pricing

Further, we offer the best pricing for scout patches in the market, and we own a certified warehouse in China. We’re always known for high-quality products at very affordable prices. 

Free Delivery

After affordable prices and high-quality products, we offer free delivery to our customers. If you need patches quickly, mention us while ordering. We can make your orders in 6-7 business days. 

Awesome Customer Service

We’ll always try to provide the best customer service as soon as possible. Awesome customer service is always helpful for customers facing delivery issues and problems. 

Ordering Bulk Scout Patches

If you want scout patches of any design and size in bulk, order from us, and we’ll create them in bulk for you. Ordering in bulk will save you money compared to ordering one by one. 

Let me know how it works:

  • Ask for a Price Quote. Tell us about yourself, your organization, and how much you want to spend money.
  • Design Together. We love this part because we’ll work with you to create a design that meets your needs.
  • Create Your Patch. We’ll make the patches you want. Make sure, if you don’t love them, we’ll make a new set for free. 

Request a Quote

If you need Custom Boy Scout Patches for your troop members, please email us at our business email or through our Contact Us page. We will be happy to provide you with your desired quote. We love custom embroidery and can’t wait to help design your scout patches.

You can also contact us through our email while ordering.

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