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Woven Patches

Woven Patch

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PVC patch

Embroidery Patches

Embroidery patch

MJ Custom Patches specializes in crafting top-quality custom patches designed to meet your exact needs and preferences. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your brand’s visibility, exhibit team unity, or add a distinctive flair to your attire, our patches offer boundless possibilities for personalization. Discover the power of patches with MJ Custom Patches – your ultimate destination for premium, made-to-order patches.

Custom Patches

Patches are specially crafted pieces of fabric that feature unique designs and symbols. Patches are commonly affixed to garments, accessories, or other items using a range of techniques, including sewing, ironing, or adhesive backing. These patches serve multiple purposes, ranging from promoting brand identity to showcasing affiliations and achievements.

Our Core Products

Embroidery  patch

Embroidery Patches

  • Embroidery patches are Classic and timeless patches created with intricate stitching.
  • Provide a textured, raised effect with a high level of detail.
woven patches

Woven Patches

  • Woven patches are made with thinner threads, resulting in a flatter appearance.
  • Great for capturing intricate details and smaller text.
leather katie patch

Leather Patches

  • Leather patches are specially designed pieces of leather that can be added to various items.
  • Great for adding a premium touch to clothing.

PVC Patches

  • PVC patches are made from durable and flexible PVC material.
  • Perfect for outdoor use and rugged environments.

Chenille Patches

  • Chenille patches utilize layers of looped yarn to create a textured and plush look.
  • Provide a retro and vintage appeal.
printed patches

Printed Patches

  • Printed patches are created utilizing the latest printing technologies.
  • Offers a smooth, vibrant, and photo-realistic finish.

Customization options: Customize Your Patch

Select Size

Choose the size that suits your design and the intended placement of your patches.

Select Colors

Express yourself through color! Our patches come in a wide array of vibrant colors to ensure that your patches reflect your personality and style.

Choose Patch Backing

Select the backing that best suits your intended use. We offer multiple backing options, including sew-on, iron-on, velcro, and adhesive.

Choose Patch Border

Choose from various border styles, including merrowed, hot cut, or satin stitch, to enhance the overall aesthetic of your patch.

Free Digitization

We’re excited to introduce a new perk – free digitization! Send us your design and we’ll transform it into a stunning patch.

Quantity Discounts

As an added bonus, we offer quantity discounts for larger orders. This is perfect for teams, businesses, or anyone looking to order in bulk.