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custom military patches

Patches give extra importance to your uniform and help in recognizing who you are! It’s an important part of every service uniform, whether you are in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, or Coast Guard. Our custom military patches meet your specifications and are ideal for use on fatigues, dress uniforms, hats or covers, bags, and various other items. 

No doubt, when you put on a uniform, there are some inhibitions you can be accepted, and a military uniform is incomplete without a few military patches; at MJ Custom Patches, you display your name, rank unit, squad, or battalion information according to your own need. We have design-style patches for our military members who have served with loyalty from the army. Some common requests for personalized unit patches are attire, missions, commemorations, events, promotions based on rank and affiliation, and various other purposes. Additionally, we can craft customized morale patches!

Sample Military Patches 

We create unique and classic embroidered military patches that have a hook & loop feature, which gives your uniform a final look and is easy to use. Our patch designs permit more intricate detailing compared to conventional & traditional embroidery. However, we can fabricate delightful military PVC patches, military woven patches, military printed patches, and military cloth patches, and assure you that your choice is not wrong to choose MJ Custom Patches. 

Submit a sample of the artwork you have in mind about your unique military patches, and we’ll offer suggestions to help you get started on your cool and stylish army patches according to your patch sizes, a diverse palette of thread colors, and a range of backing options, including Velcro. 

army patches
Custom Army Patches
Custom Air Force Patches
Custom Navy Patches
Custom Marine Patches

Custom morale patches 


Our expertise extends to crafting personalized Hook and Loop morale patches, adding a distinctive and personalized touch to your uniform for a unique appearance. It boosts the team’s spirit and makes everyone feel united. They’re perfect for adding a touch of individuality to uniforms, bags, jackets, or any gear you use. These patches tell a special story about the person who wears them.

Our Custom Patch Perks 

  • Free Quote 
  • Free Shipping to all over the world
  • Premium Quality 
  • Amazing customization 
  • Guaranteed Price Matching 
  • Bulk discount 
  • Patch backing (sew-on, iron-on)
  • Create patches to suit your specific needs 
  • Any Shape or Size up to your choice 
  • Font, Border, and edge according to your custom military patch requirements 

Hook & loop custom military patches

pvc cap patch

Hook and loop patching gives you freedom from one-time Attachment and is easy to use or enhances its versatility and durability. It’s all about making things stick together without any hassle. Hook & Loop custom military and morale patches are perfectly suited for display on uniform shoulders, hat caps, or jackets. 

So, our hook and loop patching facility isn’t just about sticking patches. It’s a gateway to effortless customization and flexibility.

Custom patches are now available to suit any budget!

Our first preference is to satisfy you as well as we can, no matter what your budget is. We are confident in our competitive pricing, which means that you can obtain top-notch custom patches without breaking the bank. Our meticulous quality control process ensures you that every patch we produce is of the highest caliber, and you can say we are a military patch creator. 

Get started with your design today! 

Why you are waiting to get the Best, Creative, and unique custom military patch designs and show the world who you are. Get your quote today.

Other Types of Military Patches We Can Create 

If the specific military patch you are searching for is not included in this list, please feel free to contact us by phone and we are happy to help you. 

OCP Patches
International Patches
Training Patches
Award Patches
Department of Defence
ROTC Patches
Air Show Patches
US Space Force Patches
Aircraft Patches

Why Choose us for military Patches

Our custom military patches go beyond being mere symbols; they represent your pride and history. Opting for our services means selecting quality, dedication, and the distinct identity of your unit intricately stitched into each patch. For us, the customer is like a lucky charm because he gives us the strength to do our best. So our priority is to satisfy our customers with our work and give you the best work as you planned.

We provide premium quality, swift turnaround times, and exceptional customer service. Rest assured, we promise to deliver your order on time. Rap it all up. Choose us for your order; we try never to disappoint you with our work and satisfy you with our quality, pricing, and work. When you choose us, you’re committing—a guarantee that your satisfaction is our foremost priority. 

Here’s some key benefits why to choose us:


The hook and loop system we offer facilitates effortless Attachment and detachment of patches, providing you the flexibility to switch up your style at your convenience. 


Our patches are sturdy and reliable, and they stay put until you decide it’s time for a change. 


Our military-style patches with hook and loop patching have the freedom to create unique designs that showcase your personality or brand. 

Multi-Purpose Use

Our range of hook and loop patches can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces, such as clothing, bags, and accessories, allowing you to add a stylish touch wherever you choose. 


Yes, it is OK to wear military patches but some patches are not suitable for civilians because it depends upon the law and regulations of the country you are in. 

3″x2″ is the most popular size for military patches, and this size is also commonly used for standard flag patches because it makes it easier for patches to fit and be displayed uniformly on uniforms or other clothing items.

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