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In the vibrant and dynamic world of biker culture, patches play a crucial role in expressing individuality and group identity. Among the mass of patches, the Rocker Patch stands out as a symbol of pride and unity and a unique statement within the motorcycle community. At MJ Custom Patches, we bring you a diverse range of custom biker patches that not only symbolize your identity but also set you apart on the open road.

Custom Biker Patches

Rocker patches, those iconic symbols adorning jackets and vests, hold a special place in various subcultures. Our custom rocker patches are crafted specifically to show your style. Whether you ride solo or belong to a motorcycle club, our patches can be personalized to convey your message loud and clear. From detailed designs to daring declarations, our customization choices guarantee that your rocker patch truly reflects your identity.

For those seeking the best representation of biker style, our top rocker biker patches add a touch of royalty to your riding gear. Positioned above your club or personal patches, the top rocker creates a visual hierarchy that demands attention. At MJ Custom Patches, we offer top rocker patches that are crafted with precision and an understanding of the biker spirit.

Different Types of Biker Patches

Rocker patches, a vital part of the biker culture, come in various forms and materials. Our large variety of rocker patches serve a range of tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer classic designs that honor tradition or modern, edgy creations, we offer rocker patches for every rider. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to create a patch that seamlessly integrates with your style.

Embroidery Biker Patches

snake biker patches

Embroidery biker patches are crafted with meticulous needlework, creating a classic and timeless appearance. The detailed stitching provides depth and texture to the design, making these patches special for those who appreciate tradition. The durability of embroidered patches ensures they withstand the wear and tear of the open road, making them a reliable choice for riders seeking a vintage aesthetic.

PVC Biker Patches

PVC beard patch

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) biker patches offer a modern twist to traditional patch designs.

PVC patches are an excellent choice for riders who face varying environmental conditions because they are known for their durability and weather resistance. The smooth, rubber-like finish of PVC patches provides a sleek and contemporary look that appeals to those wanting a bold and edgy appearance.

Leather Biker Patches

leather patches

Leather is often associated with the rugged and authentic biker aesthetic; leather patches exude a sense of rebellion and toughness.

Over time, they get a special look that reflects the tale of the rider’s journey.

Our custom leather patches let you put your favorite quote, personal biker logo, or special symbol right on your clothes and accessories.

Customization options

At MJ Custom Patches, we aim to facilitate you to bring your design to life. Our customizable biker patches provide you with the canvas to express your creativity. From font styles to color schemes, every element is customizable to ensure your patch is as unique as your journey.

  • Select color and shape.
  • Select patch material
  • Select patch border
  • Select patch backing
  • You can upload multiple designs or select any design from our design gallery
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Free digitization of your patch design
  • Get quote today

Rocker Patches Rules

1% biker patches

While the biker community has its set of unwritten rules, rocker patches have a distinct set of guidelines. At MJ Custom Patches, we understand these rules and ensure that our patches not only adhere to them but also elevate your status within the biking fraternity. 

Why Choose Us? Perks That Set Us Apart

Competitive Pricing

At MJ Custom Patches, we offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Our reasonable pricing ensures that you receive excellent value for your money.

Top Quality

We’re all about quality. Our patches are carefully made with attention to detail, so they last a long time and handle the challenges of the open road well.

Free Shipping Worldwide


No matter your location, we’ll ensure your patches are delivered to you. Enjoy free shipping on all orders, wherever in the world your ride takes you.

Free Digitization

free digitization

Bring your design to life without any additional cost. We offer free digitization to transform your concept into a stunning, embroidered masterpiece.

Bulk Order Discount 

Planning to outfit your entire club? Get benefits with our discounts on large orders, making it budget-friendly to bring your group together with custom rocker patches.

Online Sample Proof

Before we finalize your order, we provide an online sample proof, ensuring that you’re satisfied with the design before production begins.


At MJ Custom Patches, we understand the importance of rocker patches in the biker culture. Our commitment to patch customization, quality, and customer satisfaction differentiates us as a top option for riders worldwide. Elevate your style, make a statement, and ride with pride – choose MJ Custom Patches for a journey that’s uniquely yours.


Yes, The colors on rocker patches often represent specific meanings, such as club affiliations, achievements, or significant events within the biker community.

Trademark concerns and copyright issues can arise, especially if using logos or symbols associated with established groups. It’s important to be alert to these possible challenges.

No, rocker patches can be embraced by a wider audience, including fashion enthusiasts and individuals expressing their style.

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